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This ring takes away what can hold you back from finding your soulmate. This allows you to feel and touch the soulmates energy which draws the two of you together. It doesn’t matter where anyone lives. What else does this do? This will call your soulmates essence to you. This will allow you to dream your soulmate into reality. This allows the angels to work the cosmic cord and attach to both of you. This brings attraction in a very heavy duty way by a forceful energy! What is the ring size and why the stones it holds?

This is sterling silver and almost a size 9. The stones are Amethyst for the special energy and Opal because it’s a stone that holds water for love and emotion. Also Amethyst stops blockages which can stop you from achieving your goals of love or anything else. Self sabotage STOPS! This is one of the best soulmate rings I have offered. We can do more of these, just ask.

Souls essence, the best we have offered!

SKU: 6824023
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