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1-20-24 PART 2

There is no way to God but His Way. All other attempts are vain and will be condemned and judged as failures by God Himself. Today the only way to God is through His mediator, His Son Yahushuah, Jesus Christ. There is no other way or no other person who can take Yahushuah's place. Religion is used as a robber among mankind. They all preach their own way to heaven or to God despite what HE said was the only way. They interpret their own reasoning, written materials and demonic delusions to define God and how to be with Him. And they won't work, they will all fail and already have. They are not being led by the Spirit of God they are being led by the false Angel of Light, Satan himself.

Today there are many  people being deceived by the Cain's of the world and would have us believe the offering of sacrifices was not of the Lord, never required by the Lord, and an anathema to Him. I've seen many Christians starting to pick up on and push this lie straight from hell. Can you hear the hiss? I can. They are trying to take away the need for a perfect sacrifice. They are trying to take away the atonement of the cross. Do you see the blasphemy?

That's why the Israelites of old would atone for their sins through their priests and sacrificial offerings. A perfect sacrifice would atone for their sin. Just as Yahushuah, a perfect sacrifice made atonement for the sins of mankind on the cross. His plan for mankind is revealed through all the appointed feasts with Him that we are to observe. The same ones the churches replaced with pagan Easter bunnies and Christmas trees. They declare we are no longer required to observe the feasts of the OT, yet they were the same feasts that Jesus and His apostles celebrated before and after the resurrection, and the same we will observe during His millennial reign on earth, so why would they be abolished solely during a church age? They weren't, Yahushuah never abolished the observance of them, the churches did under the sabotage and rule of Constantine and thereafter.

Whenever something new is introduced, look at what it's doing or meant to do. What Biblical doctrine is it trying to blaspheme, pervert or destroy? Never blindly accept anything taught by the churches or others, take it to the Lord and seek Him on it.

These rings create a unity of the impact and power of God. You will be instilled with insight into your life and how you can change the facets to be blessed and saved. Glory is present and will interject angelic fusions of love and strength into you. The Nuns imparted their blessings and prayers upon these items to allow whoever adorns them to be enriched with truth and knowledge. Religion is such a futile thing of misunderstanding... you need to know yourself and love yourself and your Creator.

Find clearance and resonance with these divine rings of glory! They are strong with blessings and divine holdings of prosperity!

These were to be listed for $7,777.77 each, but for the first time EVER we are offering 90% off of these elite religious pieces. So you can get one of these 4 cherished emblems for only $777.77.



SKU: 0000700
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