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Silat and Marid

These are two types of very powerful Djinn which I’m sure you are familiar with. The Si lat is Esvow and the Marid is Lysip. One male and one female. I have had both for about 5 years. I have never worn them because I didn’t have to. They are under contract for the next 102 years. I’m order to make good use of them as you want to, they must be under contract. Most people won’t tell you that, including myself. I just never mentioned it. These must be under contract, if not they may or may not help you. This is with the exception of the God djinn. Another type which I will put on are the Peacock Djinn. The peacock Djinn are most like warrior angels with more free reign than angels.

These two being under contract means they can marry, have kids, etc. It also means all those offspring are yours as well for the same time of contract.

Because the contract is so long you may transfer these Djinn into one piece if you like of any type of vessel.

These two are well trained and work well together. You only need to tell them what you need and want.

These are very inexpensive for contracted Djinn.


Si lat and the Marid

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