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This is a collaboration done by Shine and Tomer. Tomer will have a video out this October early November. We have one exact piece like this that was done by Raviniska but still a bit different in its usage. Let me tell you about this great piece! All pyramids no matter how big or small, man made or natural hold a magical energy. That includes this one made in the late 60’s. The bottom screws open and a paper is placed inside. An example is inside and included for you. This piece gives you the power of the few magical stars that create

a map of the heavens and other pyramids. This map of the heavens is where the Giglantium Watchers live. This map is only made up of pyramids, not the stars. This piece however because of Tomer and Shine does hold a star dust energy. That energy you will only get here and wait until you feel it! When that energy hits you it’s like nothing else you have experienced. With this piece you will get 25 percent of Shines power and 25 percent of Tomers. This means their abilities as well. Yes this does mean part of the immortality as well, the psychic ability and everything else. The inside is also a chamber. The chamber holds the essence of the Sphinx. This and that giant crystal ball are serious pieces that if you can get them you should!


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