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In the French Quarter of New Orleans, a beautiful, four-storied, balconied house was the 1808 home of Prince Suleyman -- a.k.a. the Sultan -- who loved opium, kept a harem of slave women and boys, and regularly tortured his captives.

One night, unknown perpetrators who found the Sultan to be objectionable broke into his house, killed his family, and buried him alive in the courtyard. Now, people report hearing loud music and smelling incense emanating from the house where the Sultan continues his strange parties in the afterlife.

The Haunted Curiosities staff loves to visit the French Quarter as it is filled with many majestic energies and entities that exude strength and extreme powers.

This piece was discovered two years ago, in April, during a staff visit to New Orleans. Many mystic Sorcerers go to the Sultan's house to convey sexual enticement -- and when we were passing by this pulled us in. 

An attraction that emanated in all of our groins immediately made us investigate. I am a guy, so often my mind is filled with dirty thoughts and horny generatives, but this energy emitted pleasure and force to all of us!! 

When we went up to the house we found 10 pieces that were resonating this pull. With a quick scoop they were placed inside Deedee's bag. 

These item are truly enchanted and we were able to trace the pieces back to a Sorcerer named Waloon. He fortified a spell to cast these items to extract the allure of the Sultan's sexual way that still enhance the city from the afterlife. 

Deedee contacted Waloon and he said we could keep half of the pieces, and she mailed him the others. Deedee, Lindy, Steve and myself all have one of these -- and this is the last one that is being offered to you!

What this will do is surge your body with impeccable flourishes of sexual energy. You will instantly be aroused, and be able to arouse the others around you. Due to busy schedules many of us can go days, or weeks, without the connections we need -- and now you will not have to worry about that as the sensation of this majestic piece will obscure the mind to only wanting one thing -- and once your body is pleasured, you will have essential endorphins flowing to grant you stress relief. This is a phenomenal piece for you, or a wonderful gift for a friend who is not getting the attention they need!

Sexual Suleyman

SKU: 62923115
  • I believe this is sterling silver and it’s older. We actually got this piece among others a few years ago. Just wear it when you need to but light a candle to activate it first. Allie the candle to burn out before using.

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