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When you look at this piece you will see what look like arms coming out of the center to form the pin. Each of these little arms represents a serpent of knowledge that you will become Master over. These serpents of knowledge are void, as we have summoned them from the Medusa. They are brand new, never before used knowledge serpents. The Medusa is constantly generating these serpents, as you all know her hair is made of them.

With this piece, you will be able to send each of your serpents into different parts of the universe to retrieve any type of wisdom you want. It doesn't matter what type of wisdom that is. Your serpent will go there, retrieve the wisdom, and bring it back to you. This could be some type of energy, some type of magic, or simply some type of information you want to know. Whatever it is you're knowledge serpent will find it.

Serpents of Knowledge

SKU: 362308
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