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We often talk about the Egyptian Ouroboros. We tell you that the Ouroboros is a cyclic being that has the ability to reveal time cycles to humans. What we don't often discuss is that the Ouroboros also has offspring that are similar to it, but differ slightly.

The piece that you are receiving conjures the presence of one of the offspring. It is a serpentine creature that we call the serpentine time walker, but it is also known as the guardian of time. Thus, we are making this piece part of our Guardian series.

This serpent is another wisdom serpent that has the ability to slither in and out of time. I'm talking about the future. I'm talking about the past. I'm talking about segments of time that haven't even occurred yet, or have they? Nobody really knows because time is just an illusory concept that doesn't really exist outside of the human mind.

If you want to be able to slither in and out of time within your mind, then this is the piece for you, it will allow you to experience all things that have happened, all things that will happen, all things that could happen, all things that might happen, and pretty much everything in between.

The purpose of the serpentine time Walker is to make sure that whatever happens all things remain balanced and equal within the universe. Hence, he is technically a guardian. He also happens to be a very powerful and knowledgeable wisdom serpent and that will work out very well for you.


Serpentine Time Walker

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