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Selene A Major Goddess!


Selene is the Goddess of the Moon. She is filled with multiple talents and was conjured in full form by the secret society of Seraphs Circle. This is an all-women's society that has been around since 1621.

The Seraphs Circle conjured Selene to gain control over the moon and its phases, navigate the night with the ability to see in darkness, influence over dreams and bring them to life, no aging, divination, healing, protection, ancient rituals, and mystical knowledge. Selene is associated with magic, mysticism, and the supernatural, and is often invoked in rituals involving divination, healing, and protection, lunar energy, clairvoyance, precognition, telepathy, seeing events in the future and beyond this realm, transformation to change bodies, blessings, guidance, and finally full emotional awareness of others and the ability to change it.

This ring is sterling silver with her image and a size 11.

Selene A Major Goddess!

SKU: 3252405
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