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This is a pair of earrings but you don't have to use them as earrings. The important part is the power and Magic that is housed within.

When Jesus was asked how the kingdom of God was created he replied that the kingdom of God is like a mustard seed. That parable was paraphrased and put into words that the human mind could understand, but in all reality the kingdom of God is not like a mustard seed. I mean, it is in some regards. But again, this was a metaphor used by Jesus because he realized that people were not spiritually in tune enough to understand a real explanation of how God had created his kingdom or Earth for that matter.

The fact of the matter is that God is the universe and he can tap into creationary powers that humans have zero access to. This is why he is divine and we are not. There are energies at the center of the universe also known as The Cosmic hub that have allowed God to create what are known as seeds of existence. Every form of reality that is in existence has been created from one of these existential seeds.

They talk about the Big bang theory and the singularity from which all of reality supposedly has evolved. This was also one of the seeds of existence that were sown by God.

the point of me telling you all this is that this piece holds a seed of existence. It will allow you to sell your own seed of existence and to create a reality in which you can exist freely. There are no limits to what you can create or how you choose to live in this reality. The only drawback is that unfortunately you are the only person that will be able to experience this reality because the reality will be created within your own mind similar to the fact that God is the universe and the universe is God so we all exist within him.

Seeds of Existence

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