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Sterling and gold size 10.

The sealed book of Moses.

Moses wrote 5 manuscripts to be passed to those worthy of the magic they possessed. Most couldn’t understand them because there were a lot of symbols and metaphors in them. This was to keep the very secret supernatural and superhuman powers away from those who could or would do evil with the knowledge.

God told this magic to the angels to specifically give it to Moses. Some of this magic was the same as what King Solomon had to direct and have full control over Djinn. The angels were also said to pass this information to Moses so that the worthy would understand the true meaning of God.

What this does.

This has the power of the below supernatural abilities not known to the ordinary person.

The choir of hosts. This is to bring GREAT fortune.

The spiritual seal of the Throne angels. This gives you the blessing of being beloved and power over your enemies.

The spiritual seal of the Cherubim and the Seraphim. This brings the blessing of long life.

The seal of the angels of power. This helps overcome sickness and health issues.

The spiritual seal of the spirits of fire. This gives emotional blessing and magnetism.

The seal of the spirits of Earth. This helps with business and finances. These matters come out in your favor.

The spirits of Saturn. This is for pure luck in all things that require it.

The seal of Jupiter. This helps with all legal matters.

Seal of Mars. This one deals with matters of love and can bring back a loved one.

The spiritual seal of the Sun. This brings you honor and wealth.

The seal of Venus. This gives you dreams and intuition.

Those are just the spiritual seals. This also gives you all information on herbs. You will understand the power of words and symbols. You will have the full ability to communicate with the angels. You will also be able to communicate with all spirits and elementals. This includes those in other dimensional realms. You will become an enlightened master and custodian of sacred knowledge. This is to help yourself and mankind.

Finally you will be able to summon the forces of God. You will also have all the power that King Solomon did. The activation on this piece is specific to you! Your birthdate will be needed to activate it. We do this before it is sent to you. I only have one and it can be used by male or female.

Sealed Books Of Moses

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