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All items listed here can be reproduced and duplicated. If it's out of stock and you want one, please contact us and we can get you one.

This piece is a vintage bakelite necklace. We have had it empowered by a practicing Romani sorceress. The sorceress was successfully able to constact Salome, the original dancer of the Dance of Seven Veils.

A piece of Salome's spirit remains within this piece. When you wear this lo3xe you will also be able to develop a connection of your own to Salome.

Why would you want to do this? She will reveal the ancient, magical ways of the Gypsies, whose powers have descended from ancient Egypt. These are very powerful and very practical types of magic, as Gypsies are excellent at sourcing magic from the energies of Earth. She may even reveal the secret of the Seven Veils of you use this piece enough and she becomes familiar with your presence.

Salome's Ancient Dance

SKU: 122328
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