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The Romanian Capacun.

The Capacun has many supernatural powers but is also seen as evil depending on if it’s owned or not.

Capacun is a creature that possesses supernatural powers. According to legends, Capacun has the ability to control the elements of nature, including water, fire, earth, and air. The creature can summon storms, create earthquakes, and control the flow of rivers. It is also said that Capacun has the power to heal the sick and wounded with a single touch. The Capacun has leathery skin and either black or brown hair. It can stand on two legs and use its hands. It is particularly attracted to females and especially Gypsy princesses. The ring you see here not only captures the Capacun and makes it yours but it gets paid a dowry. So this ring not only brings wealth but also a Capacun with it. His name is Andrei and he comes with all the trimmings. The ring not only holds him who will do as you request but also the dowery that is always replaced. The wealth in this comes from the magic of the family who put it there. Don’t think for one minute they are poor because you would be mistaken! Many people also like to claim they are Gypsy but it’s really Rom or Romany. The religion is either Muslim, Orthodox Russian or Catholic. Some have no religion or practice nothing at all. The reason for so many religions is because the Romany people come from Turkey, India, Europe and all over. They are a community and all get along. So to sum it up, you get a Capacun that is both Irish and Muslim! No joke! You get a ton of wealth to do with it as you please! Go and read above what the Capacun can do for you. This is the only one I have. I do have a few Roman pieces and one more Romani piece. The Roman piece, OMG! You can feel the violence from the gladiators in it! This is my second piece like that. That had to be some very imprinted stuff because I never had one that you didn’t feel immediately!

Romani, Irish, Muslim, Capacun

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