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Hitchhiking is a dangerous mode of transportation, but not if you’re already dead~!

On a stretch of road near Resurrection Cemetery in Justice, Illinois, an attractive blond-haired, blue-eyed young woman can sometimes be seen with her thumb in the wind, trying to snag a ride.

When a kindhearted driver pulls over to pick her up she asks to be taken to the cemetery. When you get there, she vanishes.

This spirit has been studied for many, many years. It is believed that it is the spirit of a woman named Mary. She was noted as a high priestess who had incredible power and conveyed strength and control over her town.

When she fell ill to a rare virus, she implemented her skills to indulge her energies to continue on after her death!

The only thing about her continuance was that she needed to implore a living, breathing, human to interject so she could utilize their auric energies to remit her powers.

Generating a ride from a warm blooded human, allows for her powers to peak when she desires them to occur.

Normally Mary resurrects herself once a month to keep the particles of her power strong.

Deedee, and I, traveled to Illinois and knew about the studies that had occurred, so we were ready to try and convince Mary to change her ways and get the full experience of utilizing a human who wants to be used!

We were able to promise her that she would have access to a warm body more than once a month, and would not have to be "picked up" along the side of the road.... so she is now invoked within this vessel.

She will impart herself based of of the energies of the human associated with the piece --- she will not harm you, but you will sense her... and for allowing her to use your personal energies she will convey extreme blessings upon you. She will take your inner most desires and showcase her blessings into your life to provide advances, and particles of power into your world.

Happening naturally, you will know when her blessings have imparted upon you -- as your mind will be blown by what she will do for you!

The dreams you have had for years will indeed be held the deepest within you, and these are the factors of hope that Mary will progress for you -- your passions will become her source of healing and she will perfect your passions to generate a strong connection so you will continue to wear the piece and allow her to have a source to continue her skill and powers, even from beyond the grave. This is a most unusual piece because she knows what you want and brings it out by any means other than using the dark arts.

This ring is an antique but costume. The stone is an emerald green color but I don’t think you can see it in the picture.

** 5-star reviews from all who tested this one**

Resurrection Mary

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