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This piece holds ecrtoplasmic powers that will impart energies that will allow you to obtain vast particles of submissive intent.

The energy will spread over your whole body... making your skin glow, toning up your muscles, brightening your eyes and sharpening your senses!

This piece will make your mind alert, activate the psychic faculties and will open the channels of extra-sensory power; such as telepathy, clairvoyance, mind-reading, mind-projection, the ability to create and control thought-forms.

Created as a sourced piece, this emanates a fast embrace to whomever wears the piece and alludes a connection to it~!

This is sterling silver with real Amethyst and I believe a size 6. Wear on your finger or chain. You must wear this for 8 days before using.

Relevance Acquisition

SKU: 62923113
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