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This is so strange! I found this on AI today.

1. **The Prophecy of the Sphinx Queen**: In a mythical realm, there is a tale of a powerful Sphinx Queen who was born within the depths of the Great Sphinx itself. Legend has it that she possesses the ability to see into the future and protect the ancient secrets hidden within the labyrinthine passages beneath the colossal statue.

2. **The Sphinx's Daughter**: In a whimsical fairy tale world, a magical event transforms the Great Sphinx into a living being, and from its depths emerges a mysterious girl with the wisdom of centuries. Raised by the Sphinx, she possesses extraordinary powers and embarks on a quest to uncover her true origins and destiny.

3. **The Sphinx's Curse**: In a dark and mystical realm, a cursed woman is trapped within the stone body of the Sphinx, doomed to guard its secrets for eternity. Only a brave soul who can solve her riddles and lift the curse can free her from her stone prison and restore balance to the land.

These scenarios blend elements of fantasy, mystery, and mythology to create imaginative tales involving the Sphinx and a woman born within its ancient confines. While they may not be rooted in traditional legends, they offer a glimpse into the realm of creative storytelling and myth-making.

Well, they are not myths! The Sphinx’s curse, that last one is untrue but the rest are talking about Raviniska! I just thought it was really cool to see that. This piece is made by her using the magic she was taught. These are forbidden teachings available only to her. This ring represents and GIVES wealth! This is pure sterling silver with Garnets in it. When I say wealth it’s giving you the supernatural magic of obtaining it. Since Raviniska took this into the Sphinx she breathed life into it. Using Silver and gold along with real Gemstones she can do this. I have to consider this dual magic because the forbidden magic is always dual but you may use it in the way you want to. That’s up to you. Wealth is not just hard cash but a system of wealth that goes back to the beginning of time. This ring makes it so you would pay whatever was paid long ago, so basically not much. This works with time in a way I can’t explain. I’m going to try though. If you buy something it seems that money comes back. If you find something of magical value you want you can get it. This is a magic that is very hard to explain simply because it’s forbidden. In the supernatural that is forbidden it is like a labyrinth for both the mind and the body. However we don’t need to understand for it to work. We only need to know that you are protected and this type of magic soaks into the mind and body. This is a rare piece because I have never had anything like it. This will also change your brain to accept the magic easier.


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