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This is one unusual and amazing piece. We have located or rather cracked a very old book that decoded the languages of beings who can bring wealth among other things. This magic isn’t new to the world but is only circulated in certain circles. Luther gave these to me a few months ago. I have two rings and a bracelet. I’m keeping the one ring for myself. This is Green Diopside and black Tourmaline. This is all sterling silver and very well made. This is also my favorite color, green just like my

Kool-aid, green! This sparkles like crazy but its power for abundance is unmatched. Abundance and anything at all to do with wealth is what it does. This includes, found money, money given to you, jobs, inheritance and any other form except evil forms. This is a white light piece. Also learning about the magic I found that it was created, ( the magic) for good people as a means of escape from bad situations. Unfortunately this magic fell into the wrong hands but never worked for those people so instead they turned to Lucifer. This piece and the other one has no evil in it. This also helps to locate mystical pieces that can be used by those people who are good. This doesn’t work around or with black magic. Items you have in your house don’t matter. This just can’t be used for evil, period. The main magic of the piece is done by a special language of angelic beings. This language isn’t understood by us in case it were to become misused. That means in an evil way. You do not need to do anything for it to work at all. No rituals or anything else.

Rare Magic, Rare Abundance In All Ways

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