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Pouring Of Prayer Bowls

In one of the hidden books of the Bible there is a Heaven that speaks of Prayer Bowls. When the bowls get filled the two angels in charge of them dump them into the Heavens. Quickly these prayers fall to Earth fulfilled as long as they won’t hurt you. No karma is involved in getting what you want. To use these all you do is ask for what you want or rather you pray for what you want while wearing or holding your bracelet. These will work for anyone and anyone can wear them. You could have a giant wrist or a tiny one. These will fit anyone! You may want to keep it which religion this works for? This works for the Jewish religion, Christian religion and the Islamic religion. This will work for any religion that has angels who fulfill prayers. You will get one well made heavy duty sparkling bracelet.

*IMPORTANT- the first picture is just an art picture. The 2nd and 3rd are what they actually look like. Except they probably look better in person.

Pouring If Prayer Bowls

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