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Angelic Healing is an energy healing technique. We all have an energy system that might become clogged in our daily lives. Consider these pieces to be river boulders. These blocks form when we experience anger, fear, pain, resentment, or anything else that is not in real connection with who we are. With Angelic Healing, we may loosen or eliminate some of the "boulders" and get back into the flow, feeling more energetic and alive, more in sync with our higher nature.

How does angelic healing work?

Angelic Healing employs the angels' love and healing. Our lives are guided by angels. Yes, you heard that right. Angels guide the therapist while he or she works with anyone in Angelic Healing. The therapist serves as a conduit for the angels' healing to enter the client. The therapist is sensitive to this energy and is completely led by the angels. Angels' greater energy is purifying, clarifying, and rejuvenating.

The angels assist us in restoring our body's natural healing capacities. Any obstructions that exist can be eliminated. Because energy follows thought, if we focus on healing and cleansing, we will heal and cleanse.

Angelic Healing: What to Expect

Every person can feel differently. Most people report feeling a warm, tingling sensation throughout their angel healing experience, either in specific portions of their bodies or all over.

Others have reported experiencing a tingle in the Chakra responsible for your emotional trauma.

Moreover, some people claim to see a white/gold/silver light at the extreme corner of their eyes.

Angel healing can even occur while you are sleeping. Because you are more open psychically and emotionally while sleeping (as your conscious mind is resting), your soul is much more active. Your physical body isn't attempting to prevent anything, your spirit is far more receptive and accepting to angel advice when sleeping.

As a result, whether you have either blocked Chakras or an emotional issue, angel healing while sleeping is far more likely to be beneficial. Some people claim to have received angel healing while sleeping, complete with a cameo from one of the archangels!

The Angel you receive will begin healing right away. The Angel you get will choose you because each one does something different. These will remain with you for your lifetime and carry you up when your time is over.

Personal Angelic Healing

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  • Just place it near your bed for one night and then wear or hold.

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