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This is a never ending, life giving Ouroboros Lion. He’s a rare breed the provides strength, power of mind and sexual enchantment.

This creature comes from another dimension hidden inside the realm of Atlantis. This lion is both of the land and sea with the ability of using air as power.

With the lion as king of the jungle and the Ouroboros as eternal, you are in good hands. Power is shared and given to you. This is the only one I have like this. I will try and do more but they must come to me and wa t to stay. This one does. His name is Ambiter.

Ouroboros Lion

SKU: 3232201
  • With this one you want to call him by name. There is NOT an offering of meat on a plate. You will need to eat some while wearing or holding your item. Introduce yourself to him. Make him welcome. Done be nasty because this is a powerful one and he won’t put up with it. You ask, not command this one.

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