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This is the original Links to Wealth. These can be worn by either male or female. This holds the links to wealth which are the deities listed below. These are very, very powerful and easy to use.

Very simple and very powerful. You will meditate with this piece to establish a connection to the deities and then you will convey the types of wealth that you desire by envisioning them in your mind when wearing and meditating with the piece. Here are the list of six wealth deities.

The meditation process doesn’t take long. It’s just sitting down, placing them on and knowing what you want. You will also quickly think about the deities listed below.

1. Marduk-- Babylonia god of wealth and abundance

2. Ih Fen-- Mayan god of the harvest who bestows abundance

3. Daikoki-- One of the Japanese Seven Lucky Gods and the granter of wealth.

4. Kubera-- Hindu Lord of wealth who grants abundance.

5. Cernunnos-- Ancient Celtics horned god and granted of abundance.

6. Plutus-- Greek God of wealth who is still venerated in the Grecian Mystery schools to this day.


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