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This piece holds the presence of what is known as a kachina. A kachina is a deceitful ancestral spirit that walks the Earth looking to sow deceit and sorrow everywhere it goes. It is believed that a kachina has some sort of unfinished business on Earth that disallows them to pass over into the spiritual afterlife. Some of these spirits end up passing on after finishing their unfinished business, but some of them never get a second chance. They are sentenced to walk the earth and spiritual form for eternity.

What's interesting about these spirits is that like most other spirits they have the ability to open doors to other rounds of existence. These are include all sorts of realms that we do not have access to as humans in our current form. We have used this vessel as a means to capture and trap one kachina spirit. It is complety submissive and compliant.

You can use this piece in one of two ways. You can have the kachina open up doors and portals to other dimensions in the multiverse for you. You can travel through these doors and portals in astral form. If that's not your cup of tea, then you can send the spirit forth in its astral form for you. They can go forth and retrieve powers, energy, abilities, and knowledge that you desire to obtain.

Opening of the Kachina

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