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Not JUST Time Organism! MUST READ!


The enigmatic Green Dragon, as a fundamentally mystical order, emerges with startling clarity in Trevor Ravenscroft's seminal work, "The Spear of Destiny," published in 1973. Ravenscroft, an adherent of Anthroposophy—a spiritual movement founded by Rudolf Steiner—paints a distinctly Anthroposophist portrait of the occult forces that moved beneath the surface of Hitler's Nazi Regime. His narrative weaves a compelling connection between the Green Dragon and the German geo-politician and mystic Karl Haushofer, alleged to be one of Hitler's spiritual mentors.

Ravenscroft's account suggests that Haushofer's "extraordinary gifts" were honed through his affiliation with the enigmatic Green Dragon Society of Japan. This secretive order's central pursuit is the mastery of the "Time Organism," a mystical concept involving the manipulation of life forces within the human body, achieved through escalating degrees of initiation. Ravenscroft chillingly describes one of the society's most advanced trials: initiates must demonstrate the ability to control and direct the life force in plants, echoing the purported abilities of the ancient Atlantean civilization. Ravenscroft provocatively notes that only two other Europeans had ever been granted entry into this recondite Japanese Order, which demanded vows of secrecy and obedience more stringent than those found in similar Western societies.

In the 1920s, members of the Green Dragon Society are said to have established a presence in Germany, aligning themselves with a group of Tibetan monks known as the "Society of Green Men." These monks were none other than the revered "Adepts of Agharti and Shamballah," led by the enigmatic "Man with the Green Gloves." According to Ravenscroft, the Green Dragons and the Green Men had been engaged in astral communication for centuries before formally aligning to influence the rising Führer, Adolf Hitler.

The occult landscape of Weimar Berlin also featured a figure colloquially dubbed the "Magician with the Green Gloves"—Erik Jan Hanussen, a Jewish clairvoyant who briefly served as an oracle for Hitler and the Nazi Party. Despite his contributions, his fate was sealed when he became an inconvenience, allegedly foreseeing or even orchestrating the Reichstag Fire, leading to his murder at the hands of his former Nazi associates.

The possibility of a Green Dragon-Tibet connection cannot be discounted. In Tibetan mythology, the green dragon—or Zhug—represents the formidable "God of Thunder," symbolizing bravery and an unstoppable force. Interestingly, a Japanese Buddhist monk, Ekai Kawaguchi, visited Tibet in the years preceding World War I, contemporaneously with Haushofer's tenure in Tokyo. Although Kawaguchi's exterior suggested a simple religious pilgrim, he was known to have established connections with Japanese espionage agents and British Indian intelligence, as well as ties to Annie Besant's Theosophist movement—another group shrouded in allegations of subterfuge.

Wulf Schwarzwaller, in his 1989 work "The Unknown Hitler," posits that Haushofer was well-versed in various Eastern mystical traditions, including the Zen teachings of the Japanese Society of the Green Dragon, which some sources claim had a tradition of secretive propagation linked to the Soto branch of Zen Buddhism.

The narrative becomes even more intricate when considering Buddhism's historical trajectory—originating in India, spreading to Tibet and China, and then to Japan, where Zen (or Cha'an) Buddhism took root. One of the most venerated Buddhist figures in Japan, the 8th-9th century mystic Kukai, studied in China's Green Dragon Temple in Xian, where he was indoctrinated in occult, tantric traditions from Tibet. Upon his return to Japan, Kukai integrated these esoteric teachings into his form of True Land (Shingon) Buddhism—a sect that, intriguingly, remains quite distinct from Zen. This begs the question: which, if either, of these Buddhist traditions is truly connected to the Green Dragon?

Furthermore, the Green Dragon's genesis in the early 17th century also reveals Jesuit influence, adding another layer of complexity to the order's multifaceted heritage. The intertwining of Jesuit and Eastern mysticism within the Green Dragon Society's foundations paints a picture of a deeply syncretic organization, one whose veiled activities and spiritual pursuits have the potential to unlock further secrets of the occult world that so profoundly influenced the tumultuous events of the 20th century.

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Not JUST Time Organism! MUST READ!

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