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What's interesting about this type of tarot cards is that it features cats. Now, they say that cats have nine lives, but whether or not that's true could be a totally different story. Then again, I don't particularly take notice to cats and their dallying, so maybe it's true. Maybe cats do have nine lives. The point is that just like cats have supposed life cycles, humans also have life cycles. While humans might not be consciously aware of their life cycles, these life cycles are embedded deep within your subconscious.

So, what does this all have to do with cats and tarot cards? Well that's simple. The cats are symbolic of the fact that these tarot cards are not just for reading your future and communicating with the spiritual realm and your current existence. Rather, when using these tarot cards you will be able to delve into the goings on and the passing by of all of your previous life cycles.

While using these cards you will be able to initiate a connection to all of your past lives. You will be able to visit your past lives as if you were actually there again. You will be able to see all the people that are in your current life and how they existed in your past life, because you do carry people with you from lifetime to lifetime. You will be able to uncover and access all of your spiritual and metaphysical abilities, magical abilities, or anything else that is embedded within your past lives. Maybe you were a powerful sorcerer? Maybe you were a mighty, wealthy king? Maybe you were a pagan witch? Whatever the case may be, this piece will for sure reveal it to you.

Nine Lives Tarot Cards

SKU: 1302337
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