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The August order of the light is a highly secret and most powerful from of occult magic that was formed in 1882. This group was formed to go over these ancient tablets they had come across and figure out what they did. These were coded and the code revealed a magic that was like nothing they had ever seen. You had to learn in steps and be accepted into the group. There were 3 degrees, Novice, Aspirians and Viator. All the degrees were given out by the Grand master of the sacred crown. Another name for this group is the Oriental order of the Light.

This is a magical learning and experience you no longer reincarnate and hold the power of the mystical cup of Christ.

While the other name of the group is Oriental Order of the Light this group did not form in the Orient but in England.

In using this piece you find that the Christ cup is the drinking in of knowledge that promotes you up the ladder of a rare magic known only to a few. Using this a lot is learned from the language of aliens, multiple types. You are able to look into the eyes of various heavenly spirits that are not named in the Bible and use the talents they can give you. You also come to understand why various planets were created and what they are for. It's not just a magnetic pull, trust me!

Who was Christ before he came to Earth and just how really did he get 'picked'? Was he a created spirit like us and just asked for a prime part in the universe? I know there are some shocked faces now!

I know you also want to know just what can this do for you because that is really what everyone wants to know. Self gratification will be given it's due today!

What do the pyramids have to do with the alignement of the planets? How does this tie in with the Christ cup and do you even care?

I can tell you that the Christ cup pours out creation and you will also be able to create what you wish for from life to material. Can you transend, levitate, go with out eating or become a full spirit? Now you can and now you can also become a power, a clear power birthed in the mystic realm.

There is only one of these. A true paranormal occult piece, one of a kind. The first one I had on years ago I removed and kept it. Raviniska along with Adita got me some great gold pieces. A few coming directly from the Sphinx, which are not on yet. They need to be written up but testing has been done already. These are more affordable than the first because she took the gold to Italy, I believe and had them made. I’m only putting on one right now. I believe this is either a 28 or 30 inch? It’s one or the other and it’s pure bling! This is 10k gold.



Mystical Cup Of Christ

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