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My AI Article.

Sterling Silver piece.

This is why no one should use it. This one is mild compared to some of the things I asked it. Down right lies it shot from its robotic mouth.

Title: "The Darkest Secrets of Bohemian Grove: A Closer Look"

The Bohemian Grove, a 2,700-acre campground located in Monte Rio, California, is shrouded in secrecy and has been the subject of much speculation and conjecture for over a century. Every summer, it plays host to a two-week-long gathering of some of the most powerful men in the world, including politicians, business leaders, artists, and other influential figures. This secretive nature, coupled with the elite status of its attendees, has fueled numerous rumors, conspiracy theories, and wild speculations about what goes on behind the Grove's heavily guarded gates.

The Grove was established in 1872 by a group of male journalists who wanted to foster camaraderie among men who enjoyed arts and literature. It later evolved into an all-male gathering that included influential figures from various sectors. The club's motto, "Weaving Spiders Come Not Here," is meant to discourage business dealings and networkings on the premises, emphasizing leisure and fraternity.

One of the most enduring traditions of the Bohemian Grove is the opening ceremony, known as the 'Cremation of Care,' which involves a ritualistic play performed by attendees. The ceremony, involving the symbolic burning of 'Care' personified as a wooden effigy, is meant to purge the worries and stress of the participants. Critics, however, interpret this ritual as a sinister activity, often linking it to occult ceremonies or even human sacrifice. However, there is no concrete evidence to support such extreme claims, and the 'Cremation of Care' seems more likely to be an elaborate theatrical performance rather than a nefarious ritual.

The secrecy surrounding the Grove has also fueled a wide range of conspiracy theories. Some claim that the Grove is a meeting place for the world's power elite to make important policy decisions behind closed doors, away from the scrutiny of the public or the press. The Manhattan Project, which led to the development of the atomic bomb, is said to have been planned at the Grove, lending some credibility to these claims. However, most attendees insist that the gathering is purely recreational, a chance to unwind, engage in lighthearted activities, and enjoy each other's company without the pressures of their professional lives.

In 2000, the Bohemian Grove was thrust into the spotlight when filmmaker Alex Jones infiltrated the premises and filmed the 'Cremation of Care' ceremony, interpreting it as a satanic ritual. His documentary, 'Dark Secrets: Inside Bohemian Grove,' amplified the conspiracy theories surrounding the Grove. Yet, his interpretations remain controversial and are widely disputed.

The truth about the Bohemian Grove probably lies somewhere in between the mundane and the sensational. While it is likely that important conversations between influential figures occur there, the idea of it being a hotbed of global conspiracy seems exaggerated. The Grove is more likely a place where the elite gather to escape the pressures of their daily lives, albeit in a highly secretive and exclusive manner. However, as long as the Grove remains shrouded in secrecy, the public's imagination will continue to fill in the blanks with theories both plausible and outlandish.

The above was AI.

So first of all if anyone decides to do some research on its own, nothing is really outlandish. From the very beginning human sacrifice was made and there are pictures of it. In the late 80’s early 90’s a few teenage boys escaped horrible sexual abuse and reported it. They were told to go away and shut up. Long before Alex Jones in 1992 I went there myself, the first time. At that time there was a lake you could access the property through. You can’t do this now as they bought it. What you may have seen on TV about people trying to access it and the people in the town not wanting to talk about it is all true. Most in that area do work there and want to keep their jobs. When you want to use the word nefarious, you would to describe this place. Because I use a host and free speech has taken a tumble you would have to email for more info on the “ happenings” at Bohemian Grove. Rest assured, it’s not pretty. Most of the worlds wealth is coming out of there. Think about it for just a moment. When you have all the wealth in the world and you have been to all there is to see, what is left? For some it’s the hunting of humans along with the darkest of magic to become inhuman or be able to do inhuman things. I have been given many tokens from there by someone I know. This person isn’t anyone you would have heard of. What I did learn this time is there is a new member. He’s in his late 20’s to early 30’s and very good looking with tan skin. He’s not from this country. I was told he could be from Israel but they don’t know for sure. What we did find out was the big deal they made about him! As I was told no one has ever been fawned over like this! As it was said to me, “ I have never seen such an ass kissing job in my life!” In fact everyone goes to be equal. Except for now. Also this time all the owls were not the same. I got two of them, both old but different.

What do they do? From my own experience in 1992 there is a talking snake that is the size of a human. It comes from a tree in which people were hung. The snake has a face and speaks into existence to all those around the wealth, yes wealth they need to corrupt the world. This is not a United States only thing, this is world wide. These tokens hold wealth as well as the ability to mind control others. There is a lot more that goes into them. To use them you need to light a small candle in front of your piece until that candle burns out.

One more thing I heard this time was something that has never happened before. This human sized snake with its human face went into the body of one of the members. We don’t know which member because who I get these from said it was dark and with all the robes on it was hard to see who it was. I sure would love to know! Also there is no leader and this time whoever it was became the ruler of the Grove. I guess times are changing and I’m going to guess not for the better.

My AI and BG

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