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Muhammad’s Djinn from the Mosque of Allegiance.

The Mosque of Allegiance is where Muhammad met with the djinn leaders after the djinn had gathered to hear ancient texts. These djinn pledged allegiance to Muhammad and anyone he sent them to. I was lucky enough to get all of them because everyone else didn’t care about the religion but just wanted to sell stuff they knew nothing about. Some sellers, I should say. I see them selling djinn that no Muslim would dare allow into their house. If you have one of these bad ones you will know it. Remember danger doesn’t have to be physical but djinn can influence others to cause harm to another group. These Djinn are the true meaning of the white light djinn. There is Nothing stronger or tougher than a djinn that comes straight from Muhammad and resides near Mecca. The one you see here is all real Tiger eye, large cut chunks with crystals, pearls and it’s fantastic! I have another one that will be going on as well but I’m not sure if it will get on today. It’s stunning as well! If you’re looking for the ultimate Djinn that follows the real ways of the djinn, is of royalty and dedicated to you, this is it! Enjoy your life together.

Muhammad’s Mosque Of Allegiance.

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