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You can receive 25 percent off for the next 7 days only using cash app. You can use this discount on anything on any website. To use it, email or text the link to what you want. I will take the 25 percent off and invoice you. Once it’s paid it will be removed. Then you will text or email me your mailing address AND name. At the end of 7 days everyone will be shipped. Your bag will stay open until the end of the 7 days.

Now this.

This is a personal Djinn with dedication to details. Most are not easy to work with so we only put the ones on that are. This is Akijabrier. You say it Ah Ka Ja Bre R. From now on I will just say A. A is not of royalty nor of anything famous or well known. A is a simple djinn who really should get a ton of recognition but it seems only those who claim royalty get recognition. I can tell you this one is white light only, listens intently and absolutely was born to serve. I’m starting to think the ones of royalty are a little too uppity to work. I’m not saying all of them but there used to be a HUGE difference when working with this one! It seems that asking A to do or get something for you is a pure joy! He wants to and the things I asked him to accomplish, he did. You can’t use him for revenge as it goes against his nature but he will protect you fiercely! Most people want to know if he will grant wishes. I wouldn’t say that but he does get you want you want. A will do wealth, love, health, life problems and help you reach goals of any kind that are not dark. To active him for you, hold him and call his name, introduce yourself and make him welcome. You may wear him to take him traveling if you want to, he does like it. Of course he can travel on his own and will when he is not needed by you. His goal is to serve.

Mr. A At Your Service

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