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This ring is sterling silver with pronged and inset moonstones. You wear the ring and speak allowed the number of the spell. For example if you want number 1 but you also want a certain person you would say number one and then your name and theirs.

If you wanted number 2 you would say what it’s for. It doesn’t have to be complicated as this is a very well constructed supernatural piece. The energy is very strong in the stones.

If number 3 just say the issue or body part. This can also be used on others for number 3. You would lay your hands on the other persons hands, palms up.

As you can see it’s easy to use. Speak the number and specify.

1.Full Moon Love Spell - Attracts love and romance into your life.

2.New Moon Abundance Spell - Manifests abundance and prosperity.

3.Blue Moon Healing Spell - Promotes physical and emotional healing.

4.Harvest Moon Protection Spell - Provides protection during the harvest season.

5.Blood Moon Transformation Spell - Promotes personal transformation and growth.

6.Supermoon Creativity Spell - Enhances creativity and inspiration.

7.Waxing Moon Prosperity Spell - Manifests financial prosperity and abundance.

8.Full Moon Release Spell - Releases negative energy, emotions, or patterns.

9.Waning Moon Banishing Spell - Banishes negative influences, people, or situations.

10.Super Blood Moon Protection Spell - Provides protection against negative energies or entities.

11.Harvest Moon Gratitude Spell - Cultivates gratitude and appreciation for abundance.

12.Lunar Eclipse Transformation Spell - Promotes personal transformation and spiritual growth during a lunar eclipse.

Moon Wheel Station 12

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