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Who was Sidney Gottlieb, do you really want to know? I know more of you know than not know what MKULTRA is but for those who don’t I will go over it very quickly. MKULTRA started in 1953 under the then CIA director. Of course like many things going on today it was a violation of the Nuremberg Code. Since I don’t host my own site I can’t tell you what recently happened to many of us, some forced, that also violates the Nuremberg Code. You can always email me for more information on anything of course! Yes I will end up hosting my own site as it’s inevitable with the way free speech is going. For Eric, READ ABOUT THE NUREMBERG CODE!

Originally MKULTRA was designed to be used on Russians but as usual we became the lab rats.

Pretty soon the idea of a Manchurian Candidate to pull off assassinations was in full swing. Many thought Lee Harvey Oswald was a Manchurian Candidate and indeed he was as well as the one who shot him. Candy Jones was also a controlled person and also a Manchurian Candidate. Years ago I sold her charm bracelet that held hidden spy equipment. It was a most amazing find! She is still alive today and wrote a book. The government denies what she says BUT all of this can be seen and read in the FOIA files. It is now declassified!

So what exactly was MKULTRA and what are these pieces? And why were they even made? Now that is a good question which will be answered.

Dr. Sidney Gottlieb a military psychiatrist and chemist was known as the Black Sorcerer. He died in 1999 but his spirit and soul moved into some secret AI gadget. So technically he still lives… although I heard he is helping the great satanic agenda in so many ways! MKULTRA started with prisoners of war in Korea who were being brainwashed. At the same time it moved to being used as a truth serum on Russian spies. At the same time the Black Sorcerer was dosing unaware human beings in college campuses, prisons and just plain out working people. This all went on without consent. Operation Midnight Climax was another way they experimented on unknowing people, just look that one up. As these horrific experiments continued the object evolved into psychic abilities. These included remote viewing which had a great success. I took part in one but of my own free will in Philadelphia. With all that was going on at that time the director of the CIA ordered all paperwork destroyed on the experiments. Unfortunately for the director some were not along with some suing the government and others writing books. Women were often used as prostitutes like Candy Jones. The evil does run deep. The one guy who sued, Frank Olsen, his family won the lawsuit. They said he jumped out a window because of the experimentation. In fact he was murdered by the government. When his body was exhumed it was found he was bashed in the head and thrown out the window! The goals of MKULTRA which were ever changing settled on a few things. Creating Manchurian candidates ( still going on today) mind control of enemies, creating spies like Candy Jones and psychic ability. All still going on today. This is why we have things called the Black Budget and Black Operatives and Black Operations.

Who created these rings? I did with the help of Frank Olsen AND the Black Sorcerer. You don’t want to know! But I should have recordings of them ready soon.

Why were they created? Because Frank Olsen wanted people to protect themselves from what is still going on. He wanted to put the power of psychic manifestation back in their hands. This of course all being done knowingly.

What can you do with them? Control the minds of those who wish to hurt you. Neutralize an evil person out to do harm to you or others. Telepathic ability. Prevention of government mind control. The collection of psychic energy and directed waves for your use to have a very powerful psychic mind. The opening up of your mind to the highest spiritual level without the use of drugs. Direct communication with your Godhead. You will also be able to expand your mind and all great experiences that come with that. These are hardcore!

Now I want to tell you what they are made of and the retail price on them. All of these are a size 7. Yes they can be worn on a chain if you wish. Men’s are coming and some are done, just ask. The men’s are Tungsten which is very good! The ladies in a size 7 are triple Rhodium plated which is more expensive than sterling! One is triple rose gold plated and you will see them all. A separate listing will be done for each one with its listed retail value.


SKU: 12024053
  • Triple rose gold plated. Stone lab created white Topaz and Green rainbow.

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