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We have all lost people important to us that we wish we could speak to just one more time. Unfortunately, unless we open up our minds to receive messages from beyond the grave we will not ever speak to them again. Sometimes humans in their disheveled state of disbelief think that the only thing that is real is what can be touched. We all know that's not the case, but sadly this is a very widespread notion.

Anyway, one of the best known entities that are able to establish a connection between the dead and the living are ones known as harpies. Folklore suggests that harpies are bird women, but I think that was just an ancient misunderstanding of the fact that these entities are womanly and appearance, but can transcend the barriers of life and death.

When you own this piece you will gain the presence of your very own harpy. This entity will establish a psychic connection between you and anybody that you wish to communicate with that exists in the realms of the afterlife.

The connection they establish for you can be a loved one or somebody with familial connections. However, think outside the box here. Think of all the people that you can possibly contact that exist in the afterlife that can grant you powers, strength, metaphysical abilities, etc.

Messages From Beyond the Grave

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