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Marjorie Cameron.

This is a spirit piece. This is a sterling silver ring with a Mystic Topaz. I believe this ring is a size 7 spirited and consecrated ring. The spirit, Marjorie Cameron stays with this ring.

Who is she? Marjorie’s husband was Jack Parsons who was a close friend of Aleister Crowley. When Jack died she inherited all his Magickals but she was already skilled in Babylon magic. Once she inherited she was able to bring things back from the astral into the physical realm. She was also a master of Egyptian and Babylonian rituals that were white light, dark and dual magic. She was famous in the underground for her artwork and her film works. Celebrities that follow a darker path for some reason were drawn to her. Many were inspired by her and she became close friends with many. Bette Davis was one of them as was L. Ron Hubbard, just to name two. She as able to ascend into realms of the purest forms of animalistic magic which she learned from Aleister Crowley but perfected herself. Her many experiences and lack of heavy drug use allowed her to really reach heights that other magicians never could.

Her personality is that of a serious yet creative laid back teacher. She will help you with all kinds of magic. She also loves working with and calling forth elementals.

Here is a snippet from Wikipedia

Moving to Beaumont, she established a multi-racial occult group called The Children, which dedicated itself to sex magic rituals with the intent of producing mixed-race "moon children" who would be devoted to the god Horus. The group soon dissolved, largely because many of its members became concerned by Cameron's increasingly apocalyptic predictions.

All in all she is a very interesting spirit to have. She will be very active and recently attended the Metagala for 2022. That itself you need to really look up. Just search demons if metagala 2022. It is said a portal was opened.

Marjorie Cameron

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