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Marie Laveau’s Family Tree.

The roots of magic run deep. The magic in the roots is deeper. This is the family tree before Marie was born and a lot of her magic came from those sacred roots. Who was in Marie Laveau’s ancient magical roots? Well her mother was Marie Catherine Laveau. The voodoo power came from both African and French magic. Another branch in her tree with a direct connection to her is Mambo Sallie Ann Glassman. She was an extremely powerful voodoo priestess! You then have Trysha Vincent Taleson who was the first to conjure Papa Legba in the physical form. This ability among many others was passed to Marie Laveau. The many abilities passed to her is what made her the queen of New Orleans. Marie had full control over all types of spirits, you name it, she had it. There wasn’t anything she couldn’t conjure. She also had extreme healing and influence over people. There also wasn’t a spell she couldn’t cast. All of this due to her family tree. This is the real family tree made of bone and an original living piece. There used to be no other like it. You get her and all the family of magic and power with it.

Marie Laveau’s Family Tree

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