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Marguerite A Superior


This is Marguerite a true and real witch who possesses the 5 powers. The five powers are rare and give her the title of Superior witch. She is able to gather her life force and throw it. Throwing a life force is to stop, block, control or knock someone out. She is also able to open the gateways to other dimensions including the heavenly ones. Yes, those are two different things.

Marguerite can also give strength of the vampire, quickness and cunning. Hypnosis and mind control.

Marguerite can also do the “normal” witch things but better. These include throwing of the spell. That means it works quickly. Creating twins, creating abundance which covers wealth, health, family, fertility, love and anything else you want a lot of.

Marguerite’s most powerful asset is her ability to create even the most hard to understand forbidden and ancient magic. She has studied the Asian, Vodoun, middle eastern and Scottish magic. She is powerful and a dual witch. Dual means you can ask from her what you want with out fear and with protection.

You will get her picture and the antique bracelet which holds all her power. This is a living piece and you only need to wear it. However with her picture and to fully interact with her and not just use the bracelet you can give her a gift if you choose to. This is if you want interaction with her. A gift for her would be grave dirt, flowers or booze! If you decide to interact with her speak to her as you would anyone that’s a guest in your home. If you feel you were not brought up properly please consult with me on how to behave. I mean this as no insult to anyone but I have heard some stories so, I just better offer that…

Marguerite A Superior

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