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This is one exceptional buy! So many of you have told me you need to meditate but can’t seem to do it, now you will. This comes with a guided CD to get you there! No BS, just meditation that you need. This will also cleanse and tune the chakras. This will also allow you to do rituals, improve your health and well being along with so much more. Please note that since many of the items I have been putting on are larger items if you’re out of the country you must have 100 in paid merchandise before I ship to you. The cost of the post office and mailing in general has gotten so out of hand it’s ridiculous! I don’t charge normally for shipping but out of the country I must. I’m going to give you an example. In many countries a six once package can run over 50.00. That’s insane but you can see the price for yourself on the package when you get it. We are now actively looking for alternative methods of shipping that will eliminate the cost or bring it down to almost nothing for those out of the country. We hope to be successful! This set also comes with a book and a set of chakra cards as well.

Many Of You Need This!

SKU: 1062210
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