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Magic Potion # GiGi

Are you a voyeur? Do you like to take a peek? If a succubus isn’t your thing due to the darkness, maybe you would like this.

This is GiGi and she’s one jolly heck of a fun time girl!

Fill your glass to the top, drink and watch the keyhole reveal itself. Lay down or get in a position you prefer. Let the games begin. You see, she’s inside of you but you will feel her outside too. You will feel her.

This is a sex piece for those who are going to ask me. I think it’s pretty obvious but that’s just me. I’m going to be asked were they tested. YES THEY WERE! These were tested by both women and men, good looking and not so easy on the eyes. Those who were real prizes and those who aren’t. Bottom line and bottoms up, they work for everyone!

Magic Potion # GIGI

SKU: 1262302
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