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Joseph Forepaugh, a successful dry goods merchant hired a maid, Molly, to help take care of his mansion in the 1880's.

Joseph and Molly began a love affair that ended when Joseph’s wife caught them in bed. Soon after, Molly discovered she was pregnant and hung herself from the third floor chandelier~!

Joseph then took his family to Europe, but eventually returned to the house and killed himself on the ground floor.

Today, the property, now a restaurant, is said to be haunted by the ghosts of the star-crossed lovers. In death, as in life, Molly is confined to the servants quarters upstairs while Joseph haunts the first floor.

They have been haunting, as there is a blockage in the Universal fields that have been keeping them apart. 

After utilizing an imperial piece, to clear the blockage, they were re-united. This item was invoked through the burst of charisma that implored as the lovebirds were able to flourish their desires in the after-world.

If you are searching for your one true love, or feel that you lost the connection with your true soul mate -- then this is the piece for you! 

The essential energized vibrations that allure in this piece will flourish a burning within your spirit to erupt the emotional needs and desires beyond the surface, and proclaim esoteric generatives to ensure you find a platinum connection and find true love! We call this the wedding cake! You must wear this touching your skin as it is glass and the heat and energy from your body activate it.


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