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When one hears the word voodoo, they most probably think about “voodoo dolls”, special dolls that voodoo practitioners use to pinch with needles in order to inflict pain in the corresponding body part of the person the doll represents.


Films and series have a script to serve and they try to make it as interesting and bizarre as possible so they can keep you watching. But the truth is far from that. Voodoo was a kind of “magic” that was born in West Africa and it was practiced by the tribe’s leader.


Most often, voodoo was practiced to ask for divine and spiritual favor and blessing rather than enchanting someone. Voodoo spread from West Africa to the rest of the world because humans always struggle to come up with some kind of shortcut to success.  


We are used to consider voodoo something “bad” and a practice used by those who want to bewitch their lovers. However, the real magic of all magic is that it manipulates you.


I’m sure there are people out there that would fall sick if you told them that someone bewitched them to fall sick. The power of suggestion and auto-suggestion is the real voodoo in this world.


I’m also sure that you may have “real” examples of people falling victims to magic. They are victims of magic; but magic they do on themselves. In this sense, the world is full of voodoo practitioners.


If your parents tell you that you can’t achieve your dream ( whatever it is ) and you believe them and give up, they just did voodoo on you. We all practice voodoo because it is real.


Nonetheless, this kind of magic is practiced through suggestion and manipulation rather than using dark forces in our aid. A side note here, dark forces are very real but they can’t be tamed that easily by normal people, without giving something in return. Because of that these have been done for you.

This one in the red is for the eye of the souls, love and a perfect match. This does soulmate finding, relationships that need to be fixed or changed and ANYTHING that had to do with people except bad things or death.

The one that looks like a dragons eye is just that. The eye of distraction. This stops your enemies in their tracks.


This does a focus on whatever they do to you, goes back to them. This will deliver to them a control over their mind if needed and a opening of their mind for nightmares. These are both very easy to use.

Both of these pieces are antique. Both pieces are extremely easy to use with powerful results. One more piece will be added but that one does some extreme things and is a lot more in price.

Love or Terror

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