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In the wild, lions would eat the lambs to survive because that is the law of nature. But what if I told you that in our modern day, where technology has gotten the upper hand against religion and para-spirituality, metaphorical lions eat metaphorical lambs in rituals that would remind you of ancient witchcraft ceremonies?


The concept of sacrifice is not a new one, it has been around for a long time and it mostly refers to giving up on something in order to gain something else. But in the case of a cult, a sacrifice may even include the death of a human in exchange for immortality or superpowers.


Underground rumor has it that in America, there is a club called “Lions and Lambs” and the above is their exact goal; to sacrifice human souls in order to earn immortality or special powers. If it is so, this club can be compared to a crime organization or syndicate even, since they do not hesitate to terminate a human life for their own interest.


However, things become even worse if you consider that special powers and immortality do not abide by the rules of physics, which means this club kills people for nothing.


But the question is, what kind of people does this club targets? Are they male or female? What is their age? Do they own any special characteristics, such as being virgin? On the other hand, trying to analyze the club’s philosophy with pure logic and assumptions might be a mistake. How can a sane person assess their methodology when they expect to live forever by sacrificing people to whatever they believe in?


But if we twist our point of view, we have to identify with the club’s dominant worldviews and speculate on various components. If immortality is possible, how can one achieve it?


One thing is for sure, this mystery cannot be easily solved. The “Lions and Lambs” club could just be a rumor or it could be a valid group. And if it is, you can’t be sure that your own neighbors are not a part of it. Till we release further information, watch out and keep yourself sane!

Many of my older customers will remember a live show I did while on investigation. We went to the Lions and Lamb club. We watched exactly what went on but got caught! This radio show happened accidentally while on that investigation. I was set to go on this guys talk radio show but had the opportunity to get into the club so I did both at one time. The occult power we saw was beyond imagination. So was the horror as well. We got out with a few things that were created using sex magic and spirit magic, if you want to call it that? It was one of the most horrific investigations I went on. There have been many others but some really stand out. For those of you who remember that show you remember the old men having sex with that woman and while doing it they were turning young! It happened right before our eyes. All the other men stood around. There was a lot more to it as other repeated the process until one woman was nothing but a shell. A dried up shell that turned into half her size.

I can never forget the colors of the room. Old looking dark wood and red velvet furniture. It was not regal but garish looking. You honestly felt like you were in hell. Even the scent of the room I can’t forget.

This piece stops aging and gives you the knowledge from some strange realm to bring about wealth and power.

This ring is real gold and a size 12. There is a lot more this ring can do so please ask if interested. I have had this one for at least 10 years but I think a lot longer. We pull it out at least once a month and learn something new.

Lions and Lambs.

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