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Letting the Sun in.

Sometimes we need to let the darkness out and allow the white light to shine. The night is darkness, the day is light. There is good and evil. You have angels and demons. There are straight footed Djinn and Crooked toe Djinn. You have the sun and the moon. You have Jesus and the Antichrist. Heaven and Hell, Earth and Space. So many parallels it’s crazy! Not that space is bad but what is out there can be! This bottle removes the darkness, curses, imperfections and blocks that you get to control yourself. If you need a repeat for something hard or refuses to go, you have it. Hard cases can take a while but it always works. This bottle is vintage with a sterling silver lid. The sterling is important in this piece so don’t lose it. Fill with water from the sink or a bottle unless you are on city water. If you are on city water you should use spring water. If you have your own well you can fill it right at the sink. Drink from this after rinsing for 3 days. See if everything is gone. Give it 48 hours. If not repeat the process for 6 days. Give it 48 hours. If you have a really hard case you will use this for 30 days and that should clear anything up. Start with the 3 days first! You can wear this on a chain or not. You may share it but that’s up to you!

Letting the sun in.

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