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The piece you’re looking at is one of a kind! You will never find, locate or come across this again, ever! This weighs more than a bowling ball and will be sent triple packed because of weight. If out of the country you need to contact me for shipping prices. You will get a discount on shipping( whatever it costs me to ship in the states). You will also get free the crystal glass square stand as it allows it to spin freely. This crystal ball is clear the pictures don’t show that. Items next to the crystal ball are there for comparison. Why is this special? This one of a kind holds the energy, communication and guidance of God and whatever angels he sends. How did this happen? Now that’s a long story but it was done during a very strange and unorthodox seance. God was not being called but one of the people in the seance had extreme bad intentions of which we didn’t know until later. Death and destruction was on her mind and to call upon secretly an unearthly presence. The problem is what she was calling was already here but IT wasn’t aware of what it was yet! Talk about mind blowing! I’m pretty positive that the reason God showed up is because this matter, what she was doing couldn’t come to be yet, but it’s here. Days and days after that in the evening I tested it. Well you don’t test God but he sure helped me. He will guide you accurately through this crystal ball because you can never look directly at his face. You may say, sure but God is everywhere and he is there for those who seek his help and advice. This should be called the miracle crystal ball.

Let the Energy of God Touch You

SKU: White cabinet h/h
  • Through this ball God WILL, WILL SPEAK TO YOU. Everything you hear and see will happen! This is the conduit so you may hear and see God without getting hurt by looking at his face. When you touch this crystal ball you will feel the energy immediately! This doesn’t matter who you are either or if you are dead psychically. Again, one of a kind, don’t miss it. We found that it’s origin comes from the Hellfire Club that wished to destroy it. Nothing they did could make that happen.

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