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At first, bodies were only found in USA but now, it has spread worldwide. More and more male bodies are found dead and the cause of death is poisoning. The highest concentrate of the murderous poison is found on the male’s lips, which indicates that the poison somehow finds its way to their lips.


The dead men are identified as straight males. The authorities run a check on their pasts and found out that being straight is the only thing they have in common. This is an important clue for the authorities because they are trying to discover how the poison reaches their lips. Although scary to hear, the poison reaches the men’s lips in the simplest way possible: A kiss.


The police has narrowed its investigation efforts on a feminist group, which seems to be much more than that. Although the feminist group could be found by a website address, that address can only be accessed once per I.P. and then it evaporates. It can’t be accessed twice.


Journalists and investigators alike are trying to pinpoint the location of this group, which is not an easy task. The group appears to have an international influence and more and more women are joining in.


Their methodology is quite simple: Find a man, seduce him and kiss him to his death. However, we can’t be certain on how the murder happens, since if a woman had the poison on her lips – let’s say by applying some poisonous lipstick – she would be in danger as well. This only means that this female group of killers is well prepared and have thought of everything.


There are no information on the female members, like what their ages and motives are, or what their end goal is. However, we already know that they are not common killers or solo criminals; they are well organized and their hits are more and more precise and increasing in numbers.


There is also no information on how they recruit women, but it seems that the group is gaining more popularity. That’s why if you are a male, be careful who you kiss until this whole case is resolved.  

After much investigation we have learned that this is a power type grab. The women are energy vampires newly created. They take the energy from others and hoard it. They then pass it onto the Queen as she is called. The energy is a life force and the men picked are picked for a reason. The reason was only wealth and life essence.

I got to know one of these women all on accident. I met her at the auction. She was selling extra pieces because at that auction anything goes. I traded a few before knowing people were dead from the making. These are what I have. They are all for wealth so those who did this never had to work. We did just a little work to them so there is no karma.

Kiss of Death, Kiss of Cash

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