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Jumping Joseph!

Jumping Joseph can you give me some!

That’s all you need to say to this open armed little man! His open arms show he is willing to share. The 4 leaf clover shows the luck you’re about to receive. The Pearl in the middle of the Shamrock goes all they way back to medieval times when Pearls represented wealth. I’m many countries not just Ireland the Pearl is not just wealth but wisdom too! In Jumping Joseph’s pot you see his gold and he’s ready to pass it. Not gold of course but the money your country takes and the wealth you need. With this one, even extra. So we are talking above comfort level. We are not talking millions, just to be very clear for the people in the back row!

About Jumping Joseph’s personality because he’s coming with his pot of wealth and all the luck too! He is a happy, jolly sort of creature. He loves deeply, cares extremely and is not greedy! He gets on with other spirits of white light and dual. Dual meaning meaning you are not using evil entities. If so, pass him up because he’s not going to work for you. When I say he’s not greedy that means he’s not requiring a ton of your attention. He won’t scare you, he won’t make appearances when you wouldn’t want him to. He should be treated as you would a good friend because that’s what he’s going to be to you. A friend with wealth to share.

Enjoy him, welcome him into your home by using his name. Also I know I have some buyers who have flat out told me that they consider any spirit to be under their command and they must do as they say. Joseph, he doesn’t play that way. That type of thing is reserved for creatures like Djin. Which one of those will be going on at some point. Maybe tonight?

Jumping Joseph!

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