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Meet Jack who was a young boy that was fascinated by the workings of the brain. He often read books on neurology and spent hours contemplating the mysteries of the human mind.

One day, Jack came across a book that explained the difference between neurons and glial cells. He learned that neurons are the cells that transmit signals in the brain, while glial cells support and nourish the neurons.

Jack was curious about the role of these two types of cells in intelligence. He wondered if having more neurons would make someone smarter, or if having more glial cells would be a better indicator of intelligence.

To find out, Jack conducted an experiment. He gathered a group of mice and divided them into two groups. The first group was given a drug that increased the number of neurons in their brains, while the second group was given a drug that increased the number of glial cells.

After a few weeks, Jack tested the mice's intelligence by putting them through a series of maze challenges. To his surprise, the mice with more glial cells performed better on the tests than those with more neurons.

Jack's experiment showed that glial cells play a crucial role in intelligence. While neurons are important for transmitting signals in the brain, glial cells support and nourish the neurons, ensuring that they function properly. This, in turn, leads to better cognitive function and intelligence.

As Jack delved deeper into his research, he discovered that there were some paranormal practices that could increase the number of glial cells in the brain. He was initially skeptical, but he decided to explore this avenue to see if there was any truth to it.

Jack found a group of people who claimed to possess psychic abilities and were able to manipulate their brains through meditation and visualization. They claimed that this practice could increase the number of glial cells in their brains, resulting in improved cognitive function and intelligence.

Jack was intrigued and decided to try this technique himself. He started meditating regularly and visualizing the growth of glial cells in his brain. To his surprise, he found that he was able to focus better and think more clearly after just a few weeks of practice.

Eventually, Jack's curiosity led him to join the group of psychics who practiced this technique. Through their guidance, he was able to refine his practice and increase the number of glial cells in his brain even further.

Jack's experiment showed that there was truth to the paranormal practices that claim to increase glial cells in the brain. Jack's personal experience suggests that there may be something to this phenomenon.

In the end, Jack continued to explore the mysteries of the brain, both through science and paranormal practices. He realized that there is still much to be discovered about the workings of the human mind, and he was determined to continue his research to unlock its secrets. This is one he unlocked. This piece will increase the glial cells in the brain and can do so beyond the 160 mark. However, that type of IQ can make you eccentric and also seem dumb in some areas that doesn’t really matter. I have to make you aware of that. To make sure you understand I will give examples. These are only examples. You could walk around looking for your keys and they are in your hand. You may run back out and check if your car is locked even though you know it is. You may briefly forget how to spell cat. These things don’t happen often but they can happen. People don’t know it’s happening and like I said it is extremely rare. I had “ Jack “ which is not his real name use this King Solomons vessel to make me this one. So you will need the information on that as well. This piece must touch the skin on the chest area. You will see the markings on the back, they MUST TOUCH! This also holds what is known or called the Blossom of Life. So you have the magical ability of Solomon magic along with the increased glial cells. If you can’t let this touch your skin do NOT buy this! If you buy it anyway and it doesn’t work, do not complain. Again, it must touch the skin! This piece is amazing and all you need to do is wear it touching the skin. It’s also probably a good idea to shower before wearing so that oils from your body are not present and you can make full contact.

Jack & Glial

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