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Supernatural Trine Of Wealth

Sterling silver pendant.

This is the most supernatural preset wealth you can activate. It’s infallible! In many sections of the Bible God talks about the money wealth he will give to those who need it. However there was a time that this would occur, that time is now or fast approaching. I do mean fast! The money from the extremely wealthy and evil will be taken from them. I guess goodbye government! I mean think about it, right now as if yesterday we are funding two sides of one war! Who does this? We do! And we won’t stop either. War fills the coffers of the criminal government. How is it that they get in office with a low yearly pay but emerge millionaires? Well that’s called deals and insider stock trading! Wouldn’t you love access to that! Well know you won’t need it. God has promised to give it to you, those who know about it and those who will help others with it! That’s a BIG part of it. You will be happy but you must help others too and let them know how you gained your wealth! This piece puts you in the line of infallible supernatural wealth!

Infallible Wealth

SKU: 4124010
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