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Imperial Witches

Imperial witches are rare and impressive. These witches are born as witches but that’s not what makes them special. Being born a witch means you have come from a family line of both male and female witches. It also means they possess natural abilities. These abilities are supernatural. The abilities can vary.

What makes an Imperial witch is one who was given power from both Royalty and one that has studied the very old ways. These Imperial witches also studied secret and hidden groups, social clubs and societies. These such groups that they learn from all hold ancient rituals that are extremely powerful. They do this to influence people, governments and countries. They are dual in natural and understand balance.

The Imperial witches are your most powerful. You may call on them for anything. They have studied everything from love spells to wealth. They have learned ancient esoteric secrets of travel, physical change and even mind control. The idea behind them is to learn all magics and aspire to elevate the spirit. You will get one assigned to you by birthdate.

Imperial Witches

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