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Introducing Hetty Green.

In 1916 Hetty Green died leaving her vast fortune to her one daughter and one son. Her fortune was worth at this time 200 million! So imagine what is was worth then? It was said that she had created a magical spell that if she did without something little that she would gain vast amounts of money. For example her son Ned broke his leg on a skiing trip. She refused to pay for a doctor and his leg became infected. He ended up with it being amputated. She would haggle even over little amounts of money which earned her the name the witch of Wall Street. I have had many pieces from her which I got from a supernatural traveler in NYC. This is the expensive one and another one will be on that’s the copy. She had money just come to her with that ancient spell she used. I’m pretty sure I know what it is and I will test it out later this week. This piece and the next have been tested.

Hetty Green also had a daughter. Her name was Harriet Sylvia Ann Howland Green Wilks. She was nothing like her mother and used her money to fund hospitals, the poor, social programs and many services to help people. Her brother Ned on the other hand blew a ton of money buying yachts, women and all sorts of luxuries. This piece you are looking at is an antique made of Gutta-percha which is no longer used today, that I know of. It was used for underwater cables, communications and mourning jewelry which is what you’re looking at. As you can see it has the c clip on the back and is pure Gutta-Percha. This is what Hetty’s daughter wore to the funeral taken directly from Hetty’s jewelry box when her husband died. He was a wealthy merchant. This piece holds that spell along with the energy and giving nature of her daughter. This is truly a rare piece and was made around 1860 to 1880. To use this piece just wear it.

The pendant when added will come up 39.00. The pin will be 150.00. The pendant is sterling and the antique pin is Gutta-percha and the original.

Hetty, Harriet & The Witch of Wall Street

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