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This ring jumped out to us at an estate sale we were shopping at. We usually shop estate sales because we can find interesting vessels for when we are creating custom items. What usually happens is we end up finding items that have already been empowered. Such as the case with this piece.

You will see that this piece is an original Hell's Angels ring. It is between a size 13 and 14. Attached to this ring is the spirit of a now deceased Hell's Angel biker. We simply know him as big Phil. That's what he told us he was called while he was still alive.

Phil has the energy of a typical biker man. I've never seen him personally, but Deedee says that when she seen him the one time that he kind of reminded her of The Undertaker from WWE only with white hair.

Either way, big Phil was into some heavy stuff. It wasn't dark stuff as is the stereotype with bikers sometimes. It was just heavy and dual magic. It honestly really didn't have anything to do with him belonging to the Hell's Angels, he was just really into magic.

When you own this piece she will not only be able to communicate with big Phil, but he will act as a mentor in the development of your own magic. Whether this is spells, communicating with the dad, wealth, or really any other type of magic you can think of, big Phil will help you get what you want.

Aside from that, when you are using this piece, it really is like a companion piece. If you desire, big Phil isn't just here to help you develop magic. He is powerful but he is also a friend. He will tell you tales of when he was alive and he can tell you tales of the places he's seen since he's died. He's just like that one uncle that has the coolest stories to tell with the family reunion. He really is a trip!


Hell's Angels Ring-- Magical Creation

SKU: 2212314
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