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Heavens Fae

These are Heaven’s Fairies. Like Heaven Djinn these are the first created, both in the heavens. Although they are different they are both extremely magical.

One is the Nebula fairy. The other is known as a Tear-Drop fairy. These have always existed but if you didn’t know about them then you couldn’t call upon them or contract them. I found these and many other things using that bracelet I posted on the blog. As you know I had the one posting up for months but never added the pictures because I was still using them. For the last 7 months I have tested and found out so much more. Also the pictures wouldn’t take until I learned all about the items. Now I do and now they allow me to photograph them.

As for these Fae there will be a listing for each one.

This is for the Nebula fairy. This one is female. Her name is Celistina Talmud. Talmud is not a last name but part of her family’s heavenly section, an unknown part of space. Her hair coloring is a white blonde and her body is the exact colors of the pendant. This is a sterling pendant. Her function for you would be to bring you to living ecstasy, a full blown spiritual enlightenment and knowledge. This is also concrete protection from ALL things evil or just negative. There is no other protection better than this. It’s one of the things she was made for. Yes, she was tested out, off the charts! I personally tested her in one of the toughest tests I could do. I did the testing because it was dangerous and I don’t put employees into that situation. I can say it was truly a divine intervention. I do need to use this on someone so this one may have a delay in shipping by a few days. That might not happen though for two reasons, one you can’t lead a horse to water. Two I might have time to call another which I’m going to try and do tomorrow. I just have to finish a piece for one of my customers first. She is great in both personality and attentiveness. She’s definitely glorified by the heavens.

These are rare fairies because they are rarely ever seen. People don’t know about them to conjure them. You’re a lucky person to obtain one. These give an entire new meaning to fairies.

Heavens Fae- Celestina.

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