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Heavens Fae

These are Heaven’s Fairies. Like Heaven Djinn these are the first created, both in the heavens. Although they are different they are both extremely magical.

One is the Nebula fairy. The other is known as a Tear-Drop fairy. These have always existed but if you didn’t know about them then you couldn’t call upon them or contract them. I found these and many other things using that bracelet I posted on the blog. As you know I had the one posting up for months but never added the pictures because I was still using them. For the last 7 months I have tested and found out so much more. Also the pictures wouldn’t take until I learned all about the items. Now I do and now they allow me to photograph them.

As for these Fae there will be a listing for each one.

This is for the Tear-Drop fairy. This one is male. He is between black and white skin color. He has hair between a black and a white persons. The color of this fairy is the colors of Christ’s eyes. His eyes are moving blue sky with sapphire like glinting gems. This Male Tear-Drop fairy commits acts of miracles and as he says disbelief. He can show you the future and help you correct mistakes you haven’t made yet. He gives you all the money you need to live a good life and to avoid evil. His spiritual touch is healing and is like the healing fulfillment of the chalice of life. His name is Michael Son. I believe he is in sterling silver. Inside the blue drop is real gold flecks.

These are rare fairies because they are rarely ever seen. People don’t know about them to conjure them. You’re a lucky person to obtain one. These give an entire new meaning to fairies.

Heavens Fae

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