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You will receive one comb.

Happy Lunar New Year! The year 2024 is the year of the dragon and celebrated in many Asian countries. I will be adding more items on as I pull them but for now, here are these.

Many years ago I had these on but they looked very different and these are much different in what they do. I only have a few and I highly recommend them. These are for men or women and they can be used with or without oil. I will list the type of oil you can use at the end.

In a lot of Asian cultures combs create good health, beauty and supernatural ability if they are made to do so, these are.( thank you Chang!)

For the Chinese ( Chang) these combs were put in QI which means your life force. The Chinese magic isn’t usually called spells but rather rituals. What Chang did with these is to balance the QI for beauty and health. This is called binding and gives vitality and anti-aging as well.

Changs husband is from Japan, yes I know that’s unusual. He’s very nice and Chang gets on very well with his mom. The Japanese also have rituals and those were added as well. Just because someone is Japanese and another Chinese doesn’t mean they don’t get along. It’s true that some do not, but either way this family it’s not the case. If you don’t understand why I’m saying this, it’s all in history.

The Japanese ritual/ magic added is Kushi-tate. This also bring about vitality, long life, protection and in the way the combs are made, hair growth. The Kushi-tate also brings easy meditation. Kushi-tate is just one of many hair combing rituals.

Altogether you have health, protection, growth, vitality, long life, meditation, beauty and anti-aging.

The oils you can use to enhance the power of this magic are Camellia oil,Moringa oil, Rice Bran oil, Hibiscus or Amla. Do not use the combs in the evening. Use during the day or morning.

Happy Asian New Year!

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